…an oiling we will go…

It is a well-established fact around here, that I require only the very vaguest of provocations to hit the craft room and get busy making a mess. When a message comes through asking if I have any spare oil pouches on hand, what else am I supposed to do but get busy and sew one up?

This 12 bottle pouch was whipped up for one of my oily ladies, who’s daughter was heading off overseas and had only a few days left until departure, so no time to order one in. The request was for 12 bottles, and yellow fabric. Thankfully, I had both yellow fabric, and a yellow zip on hand, and so I was off and racing to get it done in time.

It was my first attempt at a wide-open zip install, and I think it came up quite lovely. If I had more time I would like to have quilted the body of the pouch for an added decorative touch, but the fabric is cheery enough I think it can carry itself without any extra embellishment. It was hard to let it go, in the end – I am a sucker for some pretty yellow fabric! Must just mean that I need to make another one for myself then, don’t we think?

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