And. Resume.

After two weeks holiday, including 10 days at the coast, it’s a hard slog waking up and hitting the ground running for preschool this morning. Ten whole days we spent in a gorgeous, sleepy little seaside fishing village, with absolutely nothing to do aside from bike riding, boating and going to the beach. It was bliss. I took a basket of craft with me, and aside from from 2.5 books read, and two knitting projects half done, I also managed to finally finish the binding on those two green and orange d9p quilts. From January. *blush*. Upside is it’s a good excuse to photograph then in an “exotic” location!

Monday has hit here with a vengeance. Washing overflowing from the laundry. Raining. A big boy with a tummy ache. A little boy back at preschool. Lots of inspiration begging to be let out to play, but where to start. Possibly with the cleaning of the studio. Have a wonderful Monday, I need to get my mojo rocking while children sleeping. Let’s do this!

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