As autumn draws to a close

and the trees turn delightful shades of vivid yellow, burnt orange & deep crimson, I wanted to take a moment to capture the colours that have appeared quite late in the season, thanks to quite mild days thus far. But as winter sneaks up, as crisp mornings warn of the bleaker season bearing down on us, the trees have submitted to the seasons, and our backyard has changed from green to a riot of autumnal colour.


~ ~ ~

For a while now, I have had an idea floating around my head. Tumbling, rolling, refining itself, yet refused a tangible expression, through reluctance & self-doubt. Finally, I sat, blank paper in front of me, ink pen in my hand, and drew. Without thinking how. Without wondering ‘why bother?’. Without listening to the inner voice saying ‘too hard’. I just drew. And without consciously thinking about it, my idea sprang to life before me.


 Easy. The outer would be the easy bit. The inner would be a bit more complicated, with three different compartments. Don’t think about that just now. Measurements were calculated. The stash was raided. The perfect combination of navy rubber-backed curtain fabric was teamed with the star fabric used for the ‘napping bag’. Check the numbers, pull out the mat, ruler & cutter. Peices cut. Pinned. Oops. Re-cut. Stitch. Hey, what about some end pockets? And without too much trouble, the outside materialised in front of me. The inner looked to be a bit more complicated, so I took the time to sit, think out a plan of attack, and write it down. Pocket one, two, three. Join them up. Now the moment of truth – pinning the inside & outside together. A breath, unkwoningly held, is released as the two peices fit perfectly. Stitch and then a quick turn, and it’s working! It’s looking like a bag. The quick addition of magnetic clasps, and some topstitching to tidy it up & hold everything together, and my very own nappy bag is complete.



The fiddliest bit was the junction of the three inner pockets, but it ended up being quite easy, and, I feel, it turned out well.



I’m very happy with my new bag – it’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for me! While it’s a tad large for every day use, it’s going to be great for when I need to carry everythign & the kitchen sink. Food, toys, spare clothes. Grandparent visits, full days out, travelling.


It is a great feeling to take something from concept through to completion. This is now the fourth project I have designed myself, and I love it. My next attempt will be some clothes I think *gulp*.


Today is a bit of a rest day. Sandpit, swings, sunshine. A craft idea I want to run by the toddler when he wakes up. Folding washing, get the studio back in order. Maybe a bit of reading if I can swing it – I scored three books at the library I want to get stuck into. And maybe a bit of sewing – there’s some Tigger fabric here itching to be turned into a toddler apron. But first, a cup of coffee & a piece of cake to celebrate the end of a lomg-anticipated project.Let’s do this!

3 thoughts on “As autumn draws to a close

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      What a fantastic bag! Well done on designing it yourself, I’ve done very simple tote bags but I don’t think I could manage something like that. I love that star fabric, I think it’s the same one (from Spotlight?) that I used in a quilt I’m currently working on.

      I love that autumn photo, I have been taking lots of photos of orange and gold and red leaves, I think autumn is my favourite month 🙂

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      umm isn’t autumn just beginning?

      love the bag, I once made one from rubber backed curtain fabric, fantastic stuff for bag making

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