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A week or so ago, it was Education Week, and part of that was a dress-up book parade, with the theme of Champions. Brilliant, a box, a horse head and he could be Black Caviar. Yeah, no. A swimmer he wants, and try as I might to talk him into a tracksuit and some medals, no, it has to be swimmers. Except it’s August and FREEZING. So we come up with an ingenious plan. I’ll sew him some leggings. The top half, down to his knee will be black, like the knee-length trunks the swimmers wear, the bottom half, a skin colour, so it looks like he’s wearing trunks, but he won’t turn blue, and mummy won’t be reported to DOCS for negligence. The trunks made, I turned my attention to the jacket. Unfortunately, living rural does have it’s downsides, in this case, only one fabric shop, and that one stocking neither yellow, nor dark green fleece,so fluorescent green it was. If the Rio 2016 team comes out in fluoro green, I’m claiming credit. I drafted up a basic jacket shape, added a stand up collar and then got busy with some free motion embroidery. First up was “AUSTRALIA” on the back, and then to make the front look more official, I sketched a very rough coat of arms on some curtain fabric and stitch stitch stitched away! Some cardboard and gold paint, a pair of goggles, and one little swimmer was happy as Larry. Only problem now is he wants to wear the jacket constantly….


I’m finally starting Boy2’s quilt today. Butterfly has been perched up beside me, pulling out the strips as I cut them and happily playing with the growing pile. She’s supposed to be napping but 10 minutes asleep on my xhesr seems to be all she wants today. This day could get very interesting very quickly. C’mon baby girl, it’s Monday and mama wants to sew. Let’s play nicely, hey?

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