Back to real life…

Two weeks ago, we were waking to a beautiful sunny day. Our first day of holidays, of playing & laughing, reading & cuddling. Then, Christmas came & went. Visting family, catching up with friends. Suddenly it was New Year. And in the blink of an eye, those two weeks seem like two hours, and we are back to real life today.

A little side bonus of having daddy at home was unencumbered fabric shopping. After a morning of running errands together, buying magazines, looking for a cricket set, regularly casting an eye sky-ward to check if the rain was gone yet, I shyly suggested we maybe could go via the fabric shop on the way home. With assurances of pre-planning, of a brief, 5 minute stop, we all piled out of the car and into the store. The children were quickly ensconced in the play area, and I started pulling bolts of fabric from the shelves. Yep. Yep. Mmm, not sure. Nope, deinately not. Husband prowled around, dividing his time between the children and me. How many are you buying? How much is this going to cost? Don’t you have enough yet? Will you be much longer? I simply rolled my eyes & sent him back to the children. Maybe the store should install a husband’s play area, he seemed to find the outing much more stressful than the children!

And my haul? A delightful rainbow of fabrics, fading through one colour & melting into the next.

And my little bundle all sliced up & ready to become a bargello quilt

The main part of the quilt quickly came together, and I must admit, I am quite pleased with the results, especially as itw as my first attempt at bargello. It is currently hanging behind me in my studio, waiting to be trimmed, and a border added. Then, when I feel brave, I’m going to FMQ it. The whole lot. Mmmm…

With life slowly coming back to normal, 2010 is starting out on the right foot. 6 loads of washing done & hung. Sandpits played in. Bikes ridden. Stories read & cuddled shared. Lego towns built. All the little moments that make life so wonderful. While they sleep, I’ve got a creative itch that needs scratching. With what, remains the question. Sewing? Painting? Scrapping? Maybe justa  quiet moment with a coffee and a book. Hello Monday, good of you to play nice. Let’s do this!

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