{back to school} headphone case

Sometimes, the back-to-school list is easy. Pop by the office shop, grab some whiteboard markers and gluesticks, throw an extra box of tissues in the groceries, and an old shirt for painting. Done deal. This year though, came an addition. Headphones. Bear is moving up through the grades (don’t remind me. Didn’t he only start kindergarten yesterday?), and with it comes fancier things. A quick trip to Harvey Norman with Beetle in tow, I found some suitable headphones-not-earbuds as specified on the list. I waged war against the plastic packaging (is it just me, or is that stuff made to be impossible to open?), and emerged victorious. Then I contemplated the headphones as I labelled them. It seems a mama of the crafty persuasion should never be left alone for too long with semi-delicate audio equipment, some fabric, and an evening with no plans beyond watching tv with Mr Dove.




A quilted little pouch with velcro closure, and I feel much better about any potential rough treatment the headphones might receive at school, as well as making it easy to see at a glance which are his.

It feels like sewing central around here, but at the same time, a lot is on hold. A beach tote waiting on grommets and handles. A ballet bag waiting on strap slides. I still haven’t started those drama bags. I’ve promised Amy that we’d keep each other on track with our Vintage Modern BOM quilts (yes I know it was the 2012 BOM. Hush.). There’s also an art journalling page in the works. One more Project Life spread to do. Threads have arrived to start a cross stitch Esther roped us all into. I want to cast on a beanie for Beetle. But I have two small boys home from school unwell, and not feeling crash hot myself, so I’m going to snuggle on the lounge with my small people and do some embroidery. Watch a movie and watch the rain. Tomorrow is Friday and hopefully a day of rest today will see us better and ready to rock the weekend. Have a wonderful Thursday.

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