Bargain buys

In the $2 bin at the fabric store the other day, I found some navy knit & cute chambray cotton. For $2/metre, I thought they would be perfect for some playclothes for the toddler. On the weekend, I whipped up these little shorts.



please excuse the creases, I had just pulled them off the line! I’m quite chuffed with how they turned out, having been quite some time since I’d made any clothes. They have funky red topstitching, and are decent enough to wear out & about if I haven’t had time to change him into ‘proper’ clothes.


The navy knit is on it’s way to becoming a t-shirt:


I managed to get a fair bit done it last night – all that’s left to do is overlock the hems & stitch them into place. All up, I think the shorts & t-shirt took me about 1/2 hour each to make, once I’d traced the pattern. I have enough of the fabrics left over to make another 2 t-shirts, and another pair of shorts. Based on that, I worked out that even if I never use the pattern again, these little palyclothes will have only cost $3.30 each – bargain! Though I’m bound to use the pattern again (it’s Kwik-Sew 2918, for those interested), as it includes these two patterns, plus two long pants and two long tops, all in 4 different toddler sizes, so I’ll have the chance to make plenty of clothes for both the boys. Now I just have to keep my eye on that bargain bin…

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