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…big smoke stock up…

…big smoke stock up…

When we started homeschooling, I knew as well as committing to the daily rhythm of educating the children, I was also committing to a decent chunk of travel. This week, for instance, we made the two hour trek to our nearest environmental education facility, to join up with another homeschool group, for the children to attend a day of bush school. A good mother would look forward to these events for the educational enrichment and socialisation days like this can offer to homeschooled children. Me? I look forward to these events where I can drop the children off and hit Spotlight, unaccompanied, so I can stock up on all the creative goodies I can’t get at home. I do love small town life, but the lack of craft shops is a pretty big downside.

This particular excursion involved all four children, so I had plenty of time to wander the aisles and plan plenty of projects in my head. I went in with a list of stuff I knew I needed that I couldn’t get locally, but once inside, I couldn’t help but dream up new ideas. Ideas are helpful at the moment, since I’m on a roll getting projects finished.

I needed binding and thread for my BOM quilt, so the red cotton fabric, and two rolls of thread, were first in the basket. My current crafty obsession is garment sewing, so I spent a decent amount of time in the fabric aisles. The dandelion chambray will become a casual sundress. Under that, the grey polka dot jersey will make a loose tank top, and with the pink jersey, I want to make a t-shirt.

I’ve been looking for a box-style advent calender for a couple of years, so as soon as I saw the pack to build one, I was all in, and grabbed one of those. The glitter glue sticks and cork coasters are for the “materials” part of my 202020 list. I also picked up a couple of bits and pieces for some secret crafting – with Christmas coming, I need to be a little bit discreet about what I share, as some of the recipients read here on occassion!

I haven’t managed to make a start on any of these grand ideas though. With a day on the road Monday, and then I’ve been working every morning this week, our limited home time has been taken up with school work. I’ve done a little bit of stitching on my embroidery projects (look for a finish post tomorrow!), but everything else has been put on hold. Our homeschool renewal is due so report writing overtakes blog writing as well. Next week is looking a bit clearer, so hopefully I will get a chance to hook into some of these clothes I have in mind to sew. Fingers crossed Friday decides to play nicely!

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