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bits and pieces

Every project has its season; or so I tell myself when I look into my overflowing “ongoing projects” box (not, of course to be confused with the “current projects” box. Or the “actively working on” basket”. Or the “monthly focus trolley“.) Over the long weekend, the inspiration hit and my lizard brain decided it was time to revisit my Quiltmas quilt. I had always intended to include hand quilting, so it’s kind of a now or never situation if I want it to be ready for the coming Christmas. The cold weather has hit with a vengeance, and I have long since learnt my lesson that being buried under a quilt in December is far from fun. Now is the time.

As I’ve found with other quilt kits, this one had plenty of fabric left over, even after allowing for backing and binding. A pieced back, I decided, would be a great option. Until, that is, I started laying it out and realised I had plenty of width and length to back it with a single length of fabric. I took it to the board.

“Is this the quilt you didn’t really like?” I was reminded. Yes, yes it is. And so in consultation with the board, we decided a pieced backing would give me the option to make the quilt reversible. I decided on two perpendicular lines of 2″ (finished) squares; this would tie nicely with a quilting plan to machine quilt the sashing (also 2″), and then hand quilt some loose details.

The plan is the hand quilting will be more like mark making in art journaling – filling the negative space on the front, and making for an interesting detail on the back. Come Christmas time, I can use the Quiltmas side; the rest of the year I can use the more abstract back side.

I have the squares joined, ready to piece the main backing. Now all I need it time – Mr Barefoot has four weeks long service leave booked for next month, surely I can snaffle one day where I can hide at my machine to get it finished?

Today we are Life Admin Central; the end of financial year is coming at us like a freight train and there’s still a stack to do in the next two days. I have run sheets for soup kitchen to prep and scout group lamingtons to deliver. Sheets to change and bathrooms to clean and in between all that I’m trying to pretend a gift quilt is a thing I could start today and have finished by tomorrow. The crazy is running almost as strong as my coffee. 36 hours friends, we’ve got this!

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