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Blogtober day 10 // be prepared

Blogtober day 10 // be prepared

Just like time is a heartless wench that refuses to slow down or stop passing, so too are my children determined to grow up regardless of my feelings on the matter. 2013 Me, exhausted and in the trenches of newborns and toddlers and kindergarteners, has a lot to answer for, having told myself “it will be easier once they are bigger”.

2023 Me would like a word, because the children might be bigger, but it sure as heck isn’t easier. It may not be the crying baby that keeps me awake in the night now, but in place of those tiny sounds from down the hall is instead the terror of watching one’s precious child, nurtured and scaffolded and safely brought to almost-adulthood, climb into a car and drive away, all on his very lonesome.

In the boot of his little car, is a nifty little storage section, with a net and all, just crying out to be a home to a “something”. I may not be able to protect him from every other idiot on the road, but I can make sure he is prepared for the smaller little issues that crop up; a little just-in-case bag was exactly what was needed in that spot, I decided.

I went with the Tiny Box Zippy, which I made a few years back as toiletry cases to match our camping bags, but seem to have failed to blog. It’s a cute pattern that is sadly no longer available, but was the perfect option from my pattern stash for this project.

For funsies, because anything worth doing is worth over crafting, I decided to patchwork the top panel in orange blenders. The main pouch was made from denim, and the back hinge panel a pop of teal.

Once constructed, I got busy filling it with all the goodies I thought could make life easier for my boy and his passengers. Inside this little pouch, I tucked:

  • breath mints
  • a multi-coloured pen
  • tissues
  • a little pocket of feminine hygiene products (he ferries around his sister and her friends A LOT!)
  • a tiny sewing kit
  • insect repellent
  • ice blue stick for random aches and pains
  • bandaids
  • some simple essential oils – Balance, peppermint touch, frankincense

The tissues are by far the most used item, and the bandaids could do with a top up too. The rest hasn’t been touched, but the point isn’t to use it as fast as possible. An emergency pouch is just that – emergencies. It might be that he never has call for anything else in the pouch. It makes me feel better though, knowing I’m sending him out into the world at least halfway prepared for whatever his day might throw at him.

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