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blogtober day 3 // new quilt planning

blogtober day 3 // new quilt planning

There is a delightful synchronicity, as I wrap up a reflection series of fifteen years of blogging and turn my mind to new things – specifically, new projects in my new space – that the top item on the list is a quilt for my biggest baby. My very first post, all the way back in June 2008, was about a quilt I made for him after raiding my mum’s stash for a different project.

As we get his new bedroom sorted, new bedding is on the agenda. Specifically, heading into summer, our discussions have been around how to get the weight he likes for comfort, without creating more heat than necessary. That, I said, is a very solvable problem, when mama is a quilter.

The colour scheme was the easy part; a mix of greys, and a pop of green as the accent colour. He agreed I was on the right track there. The only question was the design, and so off to Pinterest I went, and screenshot a few options I thought he would like.

1 by Alison Schwabe // 2 via Fancy Tiger Crafts // 3 by Kristy Daum // 4 by A Quilters Table // 5 Jen Kingwell via Moda

Almost immediately, he chose option number one. Both beautiful and terrifying, I am going to have to learn how sew improv curves. Curves generally are something I avoid in quilts, and improv feels next level. It will be a good challenge for me, and a no-excuses chance to push my comfort zone and learn something new.

Today was spent building my craft shelves and organising boxes and beginning the slow and tedious process of moving, sorting, and decluttering my stash. Tomorrow, in between getting the dishwasher installed and working out what to do with seven thousand empty boxes (current top options are epic fortress, or pop on the garden to kill the weeds), I’m hoping to get a moment to pull a few different green fabrics out for him to choose from so I can start a more complete fabric pull. I probably should be an adult and continue unpacking boxes, but where’s the fun in that?

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