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blogtober day 6 // dib dib

blogtober day 6 // dib dib

Walking in from scouts each night, a voice rises up from the couch. “Dib dib”. “Dob dob,” comes the echo, from the small boy beside me. I don’t think dib dib dob dob has been the scout call and echo for a solid decade, but it doesn’t stop this crazy boy and his daddy using it as their post-scout greeting each and every week (and bonus rounds on weekends when we help out with the bbq at the markets).

With his investiture earlier this year, Beetle not only received his shirt, scarf and badges, but his scout record books that he would need to take each week. Add a water bottle, and the scarf that came off after opening parade until before closing parade, and there was a lot of gear for one small boy to keep track of. This, of course, meant it was time for a crafty mama to do what she does best when her babies start a new activity – sew a bag.

Thanks to a friend destashing in my direction, I had a blue curtain fabric that would be perfect for the outer. From my stash, a great yellow blender print I picked up from the Spotlight fat flat bin a while back, that would go perfectly to make an on-vibe Cub Scout bag.

It’s a simple satchel style bag, just the right size for a couple of books and a scarf. I lined it in a simple white tone-on-tone leftover from…maybe a quilt backing? I can’t exactly remember to be honest!

The bag matches his uniform almost perfectly, and makes his life so much easier, carting his gear backwards and forwards. I will confess it also makes my life a heck of a lot easier too, with less random books and uniform pieces floating around my house requiring corralling. Win-win!

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