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Camp Coochie :: the wrap-up

Camp Coochie :: the wrap-up

Last week, I spoke a bit about going away with some of my crafty friends. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d know the excitement level was high. And by high, I mean stratospheric. Two whole days with nothing to do but hang out with my girls and make pretty things. So I was almost jumping out of my skin by the time Friday morning arrived.The car packed and loaded, the children handed over to the care of their grandparents while Daddy was at work, I strapped the baby in his capsule, put the iPod on shuffle, and we were northward bound. As far as locations go, it really doesn’t get much better.



With our host very graciously opening her doors to us, and booting her family out for the weekend, we had our own little slice of island life for the weekend. It didn’t take long for our bags to take over her lounge room, and not a great deal longer for our sewing and craft supplies to fill the gaps. Beetle has a delightful time crawling around, playing and yabbering away while we sewed, and when he got grumpy, there was always willing hands to share the cuddles. As usual, I took way too much stuff, but I was happy with what I managed to achieve.

The WHAT Quilters Society?

The first project I finished was one I promised AJ I would a) show her and b) have finished – this first showed up on my instagram around 72 weeks ago (damn you instagram for showing time since posting), and it part of my Kick The Bucket list for this year. With 7 of the diamonds together (I did have 8 but one was missing so I had to create another one), it only took Saturday to pull it all together. It still needs to be blocked and then a 4″ border of grey added, but I am LOVING how this is looking. It will end up around 60″ square, so I’m keen to keep rolling on this so I can have it to snuggle on the lounge with this winter.

strip pieced lone star quilt top progress

In between times, I also worked away on my ripple. Admittedly, I didn’t get all that far on it, but another two rows down is still two rows closer to done.

ripple progress

Then after a delightful breakfast down near the beach, we headed back, tidied up a bit and then I dove head first into Car’s art supplies. She should consider herself lucky I allowed her to take them home. So. Much. Pretty. (And no, I haven’t been window-shopping and somehow managed to get a cart up over $150. For the free shipping, you understand. Nope, that’s not me). With some fidgeting and fudging I came up with a background I’m loving and made a start on the storytelling aspect of the piece. It was, um, interesting, having to have an audience as I arted. I tried to subdue my love-it-hate-it constant monologue, but I’m pretty sure they think I’m nuts. Possibly quite entertaining as well. Now, to just finish it off without screwing it up.

mixed media background

But all too soon, it was time to wave farewell the girls and catch the barge ready to start the long drive home. Now, the countdown until November and the next camp begins. Thanks girls, it was most fabulous, can’t wait to do it all again soon x

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