Climbing the Ladder

The Jacob’s Ladder quilt I have been working on for what seems like ages is finished! A few flaws, but good enough to keep a small boy warm. And what a great good it did of that! The last few nights have been too many degrees below zero for my liking, so this quilt came just in time. I even got to try it last night, when he awoke, and wanted some sleepy mummy cuddles (as one does at 2 in the morning). As mentioned, t has been a wee bit on the nippy side, so I slid into bed with him. And oh how toasty & warm it was!


The boy isvery proud of his new quilt, and drags ‘his’ visitors in to show it off at every chance he has! “Wook, bed! Bankie, mummy for me! Mine! Mine bed!” Very cute it is, and lucky for me, he’s too young to see the puckers & uneven stitchings!


So without further ado, the quilt:


It is a full size single bed quilt, but it was a windy day, so I had to fold over a far bit to stop it going for a wander!

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