The motivation behind my #quiltinaday wasn’t to challenge myself. It had a purpose. Someone close to me was off to hospital for some pretty massive, life-changing type surgery. With two little boys to care for, and the operation happening 5 hours away, it wasn’t all that practical, or possible, for me to be there. So I wanted a special gift, to show my love & support. The idea sprouted in my mind, around 2am one morning, as I lay waiting for sleep to arrive. By lunchtime that day I was purchasing fabric, wondering out load if I was crazy, inspired, motivated, or a combination of all three. Mainly crazy. But with some fore-thought and a kick up the old mojo, 24 hours later, the quilt was done.

And now, surgery round three is coming up. Big, long, mega-ouchy surgery. Once again, due to small children, pregnancy, and a super-dooper-massive-exictement holiday a week or two later, I can’t be there. So on went the thinking cap. And due to the nature of the surgery, a cushion was just about the perfect solution.

Today, it’s the last day of a long weekend. The boys are asleep. The house is clean. The washing is (somewhat) up to date. And I have a quilt on the go. Almost finished. And two on the design board. Some plotting and planning and juggling to do. Swings and lego and boardgames. Some quiet time, just a cup of tea, husband and I. Mondayitis is in remission, a short week is coming up, and life is rosy (and a wee bit chilly!). Lots exciting happening this week. Let’s do this!

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