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…deck the halls…

…deck the halls…

Advent 2019 was going to be a fabulous one. Over the past four years, I’d been partnering with another local business to provide Santa photos, and it was a raging success, culminating in a ridiculously busy 2018 that completely wiped me out. I love advent; I love Christmas crafts and parties and building the magic that is Christmas season. 2018 was none of that, and I hit Christmas Eve exhausted, under prepared, and flat out grumpy as heck. For a mix of reasons, we took a break from that craziness and I was thrilled. I loved the photo experience, but I missed the advent magic. I was all geared up for a month of soaking up all the fun that the lead up to Christmas had to offer. As well as our traditional Advent Blogalong, I also joined in an Advent Stitchalong. It was going to be epic.

2019 had been a rough one for us. I was worn out and exhausted and I mistakenly said it could die in a fire. 2019 being the jerk that it was, took me at my word. The tree I started that I had intended to be one of a handful completed over the month, instead languished through fires and moving and floods and the descent into plague induced madness. I finally finished it, and then during Advent 2020, picked it up again with the plan of adding another of the vignettes. I didn’t end up doing much over December, but come February, I needed a new school table project. As weird as it was to be Christmas crafting in March, it was the perfect size to bring to the school table each morning. There’s nothing quite like a shiny new project though, and the promise of finishing the last three vignettes couldn’t compete with the lure of a fresh start. Back away it all went, as I moved onto other stitcheries.

There’s another Christmas stitch along being planned for this year, but that’s still a month away. I’m also waiting on the fabric. In the meantime though, I need something to keep my hands busy. Deck The Halls is the perfect solution for some Christmassy pre-gaming. I have everything I need. The floss is still bundled up on it’s book ring keeping them together. I saw the floss minder only a few days ago – though don’t ask me where it is now. They are cute and small and quick to stitch up, so I should have at least one finish under my belt before the Great Advent Stitchalong.

I made a start last night on the star (I already have the bell and tree done), and it is coming together so quickly. It’s exactly what I needed to get the Christmassy Crafty mojo flowing, and my mind is now buzzing full of ideas…is it too early to start a spreadsheet?

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