dig-GAH, dig-GAH, brrrmmmm

The heater clicks softly, as the timer advances. The small body in the bed stirs, wakes. He sits up, and a little arm stretches out, his hand grasping towards the floor. “dig-gah, dig-gah” he whinges, until the plastic digger finds it’s way into his hands. He clutches it tight, and with a little wiggle and grunt, he settles back to sleep.

I watch, waiting for his breath to grow steady and deep. I slowly prise the digger from his chubby little fingers, and a plan forms. A simple pattern is drafted. A quick dig through my stash reveals the soft flannellette I was after, and a couple of small cotton pieces that should be big enough for what I need.

The pattern is cut, and pinned in place. Little Bear hovers at my elbow, demanding constant commentary on what I am doing. “What’s that for mummy? Why are you pinning the pattern? What’s a pattern? Mummy, can you make me a squishy aeroplane?”

I pick up the scissors, poised to cut… And I hear a whimper. My hand stills, ears searching for the next noise. He wakes. I hear little feet hit the floor, pad across the loungeroom, and those chubby little fingers reach out for mine. “Cuggle, mama”.

Finally asleep once more, and the digger takes shape. The stuffing fills it out, and I stitch the seams closed. Scoop attached to digger. Ready for cuddles.

Next up, an aeroplane softie. But first a quilt or two to sandwich and quilt, hopefully at least one done today. A little nappy pouch needs just a zipper and side seams. Little boys need cuddles and books, swings and games, and maybe a spot of craft. One boy is asleep, the other waiting for a cubby house in my studio for rest time. The house is clean and the afternoon is mine. Hello Monday, I like it when you play nice. Here’s hoping you’ll be productive. Sleeping, resting, creating. Let’s do this!

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