EQDQS2012 :: the reveal.

I have to say, this time, I’ve been quite impressed by Australia Post. I’ve been burnt BADLY by them in the past, but on Friday, I popped into my local, rural Northern NSW post office to entrust our national carrier of hard copy information with a little quilt that I’d been working on, and despite being told that even with express post, it wouldn’t get to it’s Victorian destination for three business days, today, ONE business day after sending it regular post, it has arrived safe and sound. IMPRESSED, MR POSTIE. VERY VERY IMPRESSED.

Anyway. The quilt. I was making for Anna, of TillyTom fame. A quick cruise of her Pinterest board confirmed my initial design hunch. Modern, minimal, lots of negative space, feature hand quilting. I also knew she is a bit of a chevron fan, and straight up, I hit on the idea of a wonky chevron, based around this book cover:

(inspiration via the lovely Red In Oz).

And I also knew pretty well straight away I wanted to do a raindrop quilting that I’d seen via Anna’s Pinterest, created by the talented Katie at Sew Katie Did.

Then it was just a matter of assembling a collection of fabrics and threads, printing foundations, and stealing five minutes where I could to get it done. Except I was almost finished the quilting when I realised I’d trimmed one piece of the foundationed chevrons too tight, and had an exposed edge. So some careful unpicking, replacing and a wee bit of handstitching, I was back on track. I then raced like mad to get the binding attached before I went on holidays, so I could take it with me and finish off – except I forgot my scissors to trim the excess batting/binding! But in the end, it got in the post, and only four days past posting date!

Honourable mention must also go to AJ for hosting this years swap! Hopefully AP will be as fast with my quilt, and I’ll have something pretty to show off soon!

(apologies for the bad photos – I finished literally five minutes before I had to race to the post office, and a yucky rainy day gave me limited options for styled shoots and nice light!)

(added over at Creatively Tuesday at The Rustic Pig)

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