Exam wallet

My dear sister is preparing to sit her first uni exam, and I wanted to give her a little something to say “good luck”. When she mentioned she was allowed to take a limited number of notes in with her, inspiration struck, and after a busy day in the studio on Friday, I came up with the “exam wallet”.


A4 sized, it is designed to hold her notes, as well as her pens and other essentials in a little zippered pocket inside.



I also finished a little smock over the weekend, but forgot to take a photo before I passed it on to it’s new owner.


I’m spending some quality time in my studio this afternoon, but, unfortunately, not doing anything crafty. It’s clean up time. Reorganising fabric boxes, toddler craft boxes, stationery draws. Reboxing paints, reshelving books. Dusting, cobwebbing, vacuuming. And maybe a sneaky little sketch book left open on the desk to doodle in as I work. The sooner I get it clean, the sooner I can get crafting. Let’s do this!

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