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I gleefully posted up a photo on Facebook, of Butterfly’s vintage-bowling-ball-inspired overnighter that I designed/made, as I do with most things I make. And my notifications EXPLODED. Including a note from a friend – “So cute. I’ll order one in blue and one in green”. O.M.G. “Are you for real?” I asked, as in, wow, someone thinks they are worth buying? But of course, with the joy of the internet, my words were somewhat ambiguous, and she thought I was suggesting she was rude for even asking. We soon sorted that out though, and we worked out some details, and I got cracking. The green one was to be a mummy/nappy bag, and so I stared at my fabric collection, and tried to work out what I had that might fit the vision in my mind, or did I need to buy something? Then my eye fell on some Amy Butler, languishing at the bottom of a pile. I had ordered it for the quilts I made the boys, but what I thought was orange was indeed a peachy-rose colour, and not suitable, and so it got tucked away as I wondered what to do with it. Not really a quilters weight fabric, and truth be told, not really my style. But for this bag, it would be perfect. And for a fabric I wasn’t particularly enamoured of to start with, I LOVE it used like this. It just goes to show – every fabric has the perfect project to be matched to! I lengthened the straps from the first version, so it can be used over-the-shoulder. I also lined this one, and added an inside zip pocket for all those essentials that mummies need.

{please excuse the unstyled photos, I am lacking seriously in time, and I promised a sneak peek about three days ago!}


My to-do list is withering in the face of my latest onslaught, so hopefully I’ll be back to regular blogging next week. But for now, my sewing machine calls. The second bag. A lunch wrap custom order. A pencil roll custom order. A painting I need to finish, and a flash fiction to write. A cake to decorate. Bigger than Ben Hur, this cake is becoming. And of course, get prepped for Bloggers Boogie tomorrow night. Hip hip hooray, the weekend is here!

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