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for gnome’s sake

for gnome’s sake

I had big plans for a triumphant WIP Wednesday post today. After a productive week, I’d finished gnome four, started gnome five and finished it, and gotten cracking on gnome six. The wheels came off last night when I thought I might do a couple of the feature inset colours, and consulted my chart and my previous gnome, only to discovered an error of epic proportions. It all needed unstitching. I’d inverted the colours.

I’ve been altering the colours of the original patterns** so that they are all matching, and suit our Christmas decor. In the case of this little fella, the green should have been red. The red should have been green. And so all that shirt and the little glove needed to come out. It took a lot less time to unstitch it, than it did to stitch it in the first place. I’m just trying to remind myself of the silver linings that come with redoing sections of a project.

I’d been so pleased with my progress, I raced ahead without giving my gnome too much thought. Never mind I’d already shared the colour plan in the cross-stitch chat, that was forgotten in my haste to try and get another gnome closer to done. The one on the left was yesterday’s finish. The red hat obscured by the hoop is the first one I’ve finished in the last week. I was on a productivity roll and wanted to keep it going. My enthusiasm for progress without pause has well and truly bitten me on the backside.

And so, I pulled it out. I popped on an episode of Castle, and picked out stitch by stitch, laying aside my floss for when I need the dark teal again. This morning I’ve gotten busy writing a blog post for the podcast, recording a mini vlog, caring for my children who remain unwell. Unstitching is as far as I’ve gotten with my crafting list, despite planning a super crafty day. After a week of super speed productivity, maybe I need to give myself the grace to have a day of rest. Or maybe I just need to delete the Lemmings game off my phone and get stuck into getting things done. Pretty sure that’s the more accurate reality. Someone pass the to-do list…

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      I don’t think you can underestimate the value of giving yourself a day off and it sounds like it’s been full-on for you recently. We get into the habit of thinking that we need to keep going, to tick off everything on the to-do list and that we need to be super-human as we care for everyone around us and forget to care for ourselves. I am as guilty of this as the next person and writing this is a reminder for myself too! It’s OK to have a rest xx

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        A great reminder! I was definitely in a rut of “if I stop I may not get going again”. With life starting to return to normal I might get the Christmas tree up today and then pop a movie on for the kids and we can all have some downtime

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