Dear Jane,

The final stitch fell into place, and the small child hovering at my elbow jumped excitedly. “Mummy, mummy, you’ve finished! Your Dear Jane is done, and it’s soooo pretty!” It seems my boy and I have had a bit of a mis-communication, but he has become fascinated with the DJ journey, at all of 5 years old. Next up, he is constantly tracking progress on “Oh Hi Ah Star” (Ohio Star – F7). I get the feeling he’s failing to grasp just how big a project his mummy has taken on. Though his faith in me is very encouraging.

Did your foster-children enjoy watching you quilt, Jane? Did you start when you were newly married and dreaming of babies of your own? How many tears did you shed as you stitched, wondering when you might be blessed? Or maybe you were happy as you were, not particularly concerned whether children were part of your grander plan.

I stitched a lot of this one by the light of our camping gas lantern, or as children napped in the tent, sheltering from the summer heat. It was quite pleasant, being unplugged from the electronics of the world, stitching away. I’m going to start unplugging more, I think, rationing my internet use. Funny how we have things “easier”, but seem to have less time than you must have, to stitch and chat and visit with friends.



So, without further ado. Indianapolis, AKA Dear Jane, AKA G7.



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