…gnome is where the heart is…

…gnome is where the heart is…

Two weeks ago, it was miserable and raining, much like everywhere else in this stretch of the eastern states. The weekend plan had been one of divide and conquer. I had unshiftable commitments in town, so had to stay home with the teen. Meanwhile, the mister would to take the little three to visit his mum. It all came to a screeching halt Saturday morning. The river where my mother in law lives was already up. The levee gates were closed. There was more rain on the way, and nowhere for it to go. Combined with the dubious state of the road he would have to travel, and the likelihood of landslides, Mr Barefoot made the call to instead stay home and grace me with the joy of his presence. And the children. On a rainy day. In a small cabin. Delighted was…one word for my reaction.

For days, I’d been dreaming of my quiet weekend free of all but the simplest of parenting tasks (feed the teen and kick him off the computer on a regular basis). I had a list. The best kind of to-do lists, full of sewing and quilting and knitting and reading, a tribute to my ever-present overestimation of both the time and the mojo I have when I am child free. To have it snatched from my grasp just as I dumped an overnight bag for the children by the front door, lined them up behind it and stared at the gate waiting for my husband to return from fueling the car and hitting up Bunnings for…I don’t even know? He returned. I shoved the children out the door and threw the bag at him. Then, in the instant before slamming and locking the door between me and them, I made the mistake of catching his eye.

“Um, so…change of plans?”

Friends, it did not go well. Our place, particularly around our house, is a delightful mix of black soil and clay, so it sticks to EVERYTHING. Going outside isn’t especially fun unless you have something that has to be done. I may as well have taken a match to that to-do list, for all the use it was. Instead of my peaceful sewing day, I had to pack away the table to yield room to the games springing up on the floor. The sensible option was to park myself on the couch, and flick on a Bones marathon on Disney+. I moseyed on over to messenger to check in on friends closer to the coast, battening down after a metre of rain. What one might refer to as a real problem. In between that and doomscrolling, I took the chance to show Gnome Number Two who’s boss.

Far too many episodes later, I had me a gnome! Aren’t they a cute little pair? I found the background stitched up a lot quicker this time, now I was over my “this sucks I can’t find a rhythm” snit of the first gnome. I’me very much looking forward to getting them framed up for the new house. I think I even know a spot where they will work as seasonal decor – maybe. There isn’t a lot of wall space in our main living room, with some big glass doors planned to maximise our amazing view. I’m sure the gnomes will find somewhere though. That is, of course, unless Miss11 succeeds in stealing them first. Those big brown eyes of her’s are looking a tad too possessive of MY gnomes for my liking.

Pattern – Valentine Gnomes by Magic Stitch Studio on Etsy (currently on hiatus)
Fabric – Zweigart Aida, 16ct, in Antique White
Floss – DMC stranded embroidery floss

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