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…gnome run…

…gnome run…

Of all the stories to come out of 2021 that start with “remember that time”, some we’ll remember with a vague sense of dread, some with a hangover of long-past-but-still-felt terror, and others…others we will laugh at our delight at our own hubris. Possibly we’ll never again smell homemade bread without thinking of the sourdough craze of lockdown 1.0. Very likely we’ll always panic when we are down to the last roll of toilet paper, long after panic-buying is a punchline in some dark humour coping mechanism. In years to come though, amongst all the crazy, there is one anecdote I know we will always remember fondly as a bright spot in troubled times.

Remember that time, we’ll say, remember that time, when we thought we could stitch 12 gnomes in 24 days? Remember how I thought 5 inches was the same as 5 centimetres and thus would be totally acheivable? Remember that? And we will laugh and blame the brain fry that we’ve come to expect, as part of living through the early 2020s.

In the end, I rejigged my goals, and aimed to have the third gnome finished no later than New Years. Epiphany at the outside. I got very close on New Year Eve, but was tired and went to be 20 minutes from the end of both another insane year, and my project. First thing I did though, to kick off the new year, was to finish that little sucker off.

Three out of twelve. Not bad, considering the embarrassingly quantity of doom scrolling that ended up on my December agenda. I’ve now packed the little gnomies away, safe and sound, and will pull them out again for Advent 2022, and see if I can get some more progress, and closer to a finish. I live in hope I may even be able to frame them and hang them in our new house, but with each passing week and no certain date to start, I won’t hold my breath.

It’s been a slack old Monday around here. Mr Barefoot is back to work, which means I need to be a productive adult too. I’ve gotten my trailer for my next Crafty Monkies class edited and ready for a voice over. I’ve prepped my planner stickers for my new day book. Mr15 had a test to sit, that I needed to mark before I could move on with planning his work for the coming school year. We’ve played a game of Cards Against Humanity, and read together. I’ve edited the first week of my Project365 photos. I feel like I’ve done not a lot, really. It’s been hot and sticky, meaning lots of entertaining the smalls under the air con. Tonight once they have gone to bed, I’m planning some solid quality time with my to-do list, so I can save the day times for mama fun and crafting.

To add insult to injury, someone has eaten all the treaties leftover from Christmas. Back to real life with a thud, it seems.

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