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Someone” has spent a very productive couple of weeks bombarding me with images and pins of pretty Filofax pages. “I want a Filofax, Miss Dove”, she declared. Knowing the things were flipping expensive, and also knowing my sweet Car struggles with CraftyADHD, I was a good friend, and told her no. Not happening. No way. Stop begging because I said no and if you ask one more time you are going to bed without dinner.

But the more links I saw, the more I was convinced. I think we are both at the point that a Kikki K or a Collins Debden is in our near-to-mid-term future. But in the interim, I decided it was time to put into action a plan I’ve been percolating since this time last year, but have never gotten around to it. We’ve dubbed it the Filofaux.


It’s so close to finished – just joining the front part to the back part. Except I realised I’d failed to include the closure, so I’ll have to unpin, insert closure and THEN get it sewn, turned, stiffened and top stitched.

The three big little people have ditched me in favour of a sleepover with nanny and poppy, so as long as Beetle behaves the day is my own. First up is the Filofaux. I also have a little order of fabric coming to make another Filofaux after having a total-genius brainwave of the heck-I’m-awesome variety, so I’m waiting (im)patiently for that. The studio needs a tidy, and then I’m hitting the crafting in a big way – once I decide where to start. It’d be nice if my new Project Life kit (I chose the Jade edition for my 2013 partial album) turned up this week. Most of all, I’m planning lots of snuggles with the Beetle Baby. Hello holidays, let’s get productive…

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