My “want to make” list, that is! The delightful Miss Bee offered me up a couple of patterns that she didn’t need anymore, that I was glad to take off her hands – the two very cute Make It Perfect patterns shown above. First on my list is the Uptown Girl jacket, and I managed some window shopping yesterday over at Bloom for the perfect cord for the outer, and found a cute flannel for the lining, thinking it would make it nice and snuggly for cold winter days. Until Bee suggested I *cough* read the description *cough* and it’s actually reversible. So I’m still pondering options on that one, and thinking about maybe adding a layer of flannel sandwiched inbetween? The winds here can be absolutely bitter, especially when it snows nearby, so I want something pretty insulated. Any thoughts?

The bag pattern is TOTALLY Carmel’s fault. As I’ve mentioned before, I have designed a bag for the bag challenge (and may or may not have gotten any further than that), but then Carmel is posting about Duckcloth having a closing down sale and linking the Melly and Me Sleepover bag, and really, at $10, how could I resist? It’ll be perfect for a hospital bag. And AJ was going to get one too, so we could keep each other on track. Until she blogged HER pattern purchase, and realised she’d bought the Amy Butler Weekender. Us and our grand ideas!! I haven’t started selecting fabric for this one yet, I’ll have to have a bit of a surf around, I’m thinking maybe a funky twill or cord? Not sure.

Now, all I need to do is find the mojo to tidy my studio so I can get to my sewing machine, and then I can get busy!

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      Sweet patterns can’t wait to see what you do 🙂

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      I love it when I spot a great sale and tell my friends and they take advantage! It feels a little bit like shopping myself. It is a really cute bag pattern, and $10 is DEFINITELY a bargain. Oh, and just because a reversible jacket pattern is in fact reversible, it does not necessarily mean that it must be reversible. I often wonder how useful a reversible jacket is when the inside and outsides generally go together and you always have a favourite side? Maybe make it as you were planning, and then plan for a reversible-type jacket next time?

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        I love it when my friends spot a sale and tell me about it, so we are both winners! I did wonder the same thing, since the two fabrics would need to co-ordinate? I do like your thinking, TWO jackets = more fabric buying. How sad…

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      Love that bag pattern!!! wonder if there are Any left??? MUST not look!

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      Car……get 2 if there is! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Can’t resist a challenge ;P

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