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hanging out

For the last two years, the infamous 5-centimetre-that-are-really-5-inch gnomes have consumed my Christmas crafting. I finally managed to get them finished in January of this year, and then they were tucked away safely in the container until the move was done. In perfect timing, a month into unpacking, my framer was offering a 40% off sale on in stock frames and mats. Being only on display for six weeks of the year, I wasn’t particularly fussy as long as it was semi close to my previous frames (which are still on my list to share!), and on Monday, on the way to homeschool group, I got to pick them up.

I had already hung up the trees (made as an advent activity in 2018), and it was a pleasant surprise to hang the gnomes and find the colours in both projects worked really well together. They also blend quite well with my couch quilt (from 2019) – clearly I have a very well defined festive season colour story!

While I was getting things framed, I also added my deck the halls cross stitch (made as vignettes, not the banner of the original pattern). These three ended up in the walk way to the school room & boys room – one of the downsides of having a living room made of glass doors on the north and south walls, a kitchen on the western wall, and a brick fireplace on the eastern end, is there isn’t a huge amount of space to command hook my way through the craftapalooza that is advent!

In the second photo, you can catch a glimpse of the watercolour trees we did way back at the start of advent. Another room with limited wall space (bookcase one side, school shelving the other, glass doors taking up the exterior wall…), we had to settle for the end of the bookcase.

It is so so fun to finally get these pieces out of storage and onto the walls. Between the two patterns, they have consumed every Christmas since 2019. They were fun to make. They are even funner to call done and hung. Now, to find space for today’s advent projects…

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      So very sweet

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      I remember you working on the gnomes, the frame sets them off beautifully. Did you have a pattern, or are they your own design? They would look wonderful in my daughters kitchen. I don’t comment often but I do enjoy your posts, thank you.

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        Thanks so much for your very sweet comment, it’s so nice to hear from you! I do love when folks have been following for a while and know the background to a project. These ones were from a pattern that I bought on Etsy. Last I looked her store wasn’t available – she’s either Russian or Ukrainian, and she disappeared around the start of the war. If you pop back to one of my earlier posts, there should be a link to her shop if she’s reactivated it (or even the valentines gnomes in my header slideshow, they are by the same person and should link back to her shop).

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