he wears short shorts…

I have long had a goal to make some shorts for my little boy. From scratch. Including the pattern. With each passing season, my disillusionment with mass-produced children’s clothes has been growing. Buttons that fall off after two wears. Zips not zipping easily. General don’t-really-care-ness. And we’re not talking cheap stuff from kmart either.

Coming home from Europe, I felt like a fire had been re-ignited. I pulled a Sydney Morning Herald from the pile of recycling. Measuring tape in one hand, black texta in another, the pattern slowly emerged. I started sewing. A small change here, an adjustment there, and before long, a pair of shorts magically appeared. Looking almost as I’d planned.

There are mistakes, of course, but I’m pretty chuffed with the results of my first foray into pattern drafting of the more complex variety. I know what I need to change, and how to improve, so shorts mark 2 will be coming soon!

With 6 weeks, give or take, until baby Sprout joins us, I’ve begun a whirlwind of crafty nesting. Sewing of clothes for the boys. Designing tops for me. Sceapbooking. Photos. And of course toddler crafting is making an appearance regularly, especially with the rain. Playdough. Paint. I’ve got a plan to try some paper-making and some papier-mâché if I can get a clear day to get messy outside. There’s a groove with my name on it, and I’m just about in it. Real life, I’m back and ready for action. Let’s do this!

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