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Holy mega cute pants, batman

art museum pants

Very early on, after the date was set, but before the invitation arrived, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted my children to wear to a family wedding. I had thought to buy something from Etsy, but when I was trawling through the Oliver + S website searching for a pattern to base Butterfly’s dress on, I came across the Art Museum vest & pants pattern. A size 5-12 went into my cart. Done deal. Then the time was sneaking up and I still hadn’t ordered anything for Beetle to wear, so I decided to just get him the same as well, and ordered the digital version of the pattern in the smaller size. And man oh man am I glad I did.

baby art museum pants

Due to sick children and a sick mama, my time to get the pants made was slipping away, so in the end I decided against the rear welt pockets. Just time I didn’t have with three pants (and hopefully two vests and a bow tie) to make – as it was the vests and tie were given up on.

But I adore these pants. All the boys look cute in them, but there’s something about tiny people in grown up clothes that gets me every single time.

Seriously. Watching him toddle about in these is so much fun.



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