holy orange overload batman

orange scrap quilt fodled orange scrap quilt scrap quilt It’s been a long time coming, this quilt. A special request from Boy2, I thought my plan was simple enough. Until I found myself with a dining table covered in 240 small pieces that took an age to piece together. Quilt camp 2012 saw progress, before it stagnated. And then, because I really am the queen of blindingly, brilliantly stupid ideas, I decided I would finish it for his birthday. Two weeks before his birthday. Know what else happened two and a half weeks before his birthday? I had a baby. Yeah. Not sure how I thought that was going to turn out well. I did, with the assistance of my mum, get it quilted, and then it sat to one side awaiting binding, and a slight patch job to the backing where it had slipped due to my super hasty basting job. But a couple of weeks back, I pulled it out and powered through, and finally, on Monday, lay it out on his bed while he was at school. It’s far from my best work, but the boy is ecstatic, cuddling his quilt, and forever telling me how much he loves it, so to be honest, I’m not fussed by it imperfections. It’s a mama-made quilt for my baby boy and he loves it, so I’ll call it a success. As long as he is happy, so am I.



Part of the 2014 Kick The Bucket challenge.

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