hst quilt #1

A little boy snuggles under his quilt at rest time. I sneak in, stroke his hair, and whisper softly. “May I borrow it, for just one photo?”. “No mummy. It’s MY quilt. I’m having cuddles with my quilt now”. So the photo will have to wait. The quilt is well loved. It’s partner is quilted, has the binding attached, and on my “to-finish” list for tomorrow. And then I can do a full post.

Friday already? How the week flies, and sucha  productive week it was. A quilt or two finished. A couple of little toiletry bags. A mini book for a mini artist. House renovations quoted, and sent to council. Moments that make my heart sing. Two little boys I love more and more each day. The earnest sincerity of the elder. The good-natured cheekiness of the younger. Baking, playing, swinging, cuddling. It’s been a good week. I can’t wait to see what the next week holds. Have a great weekend everyone. It’s Friday, it’s looking fine, and there is two whole days of quality family time straight ahead. Life is good. Let’s do this!

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