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…improv triangle quilt…

…improv triangle quilt…

It is a long established fact, that very little quilting actually gets done at quilt camp. More often than not, my machine has stayed packed up and untouched. Over 10 camps, I have managed to make one dolls quilt, piece the equivalent of two quilt tops, unpick one quilt, and finish the last half of hand quilting of one quilt. Not exactly a a stellar record!

This year, I decided to set myself up for success, and while I was on a roll with my vintage modern improv quilt, I got it all trimmed and binding attached, and then managed to resist the temptation to finish stitching down the binding while the mojo was flowing. Instead, it was one of the first projects packed for camp this year, and one of the first ones to come out of my bag…and my first quilt to officially be completed at camp! Yay me!

I ended up choosing a sweet aqua binding that really set it off nicely, and being more a bed topper sized quilt, it really didn’t take long to come together.

Only lightly quilted, it is super soft and snuggly. This quilt is destined to be a lounge quilt/occasional kids extra quilt, so it didn’t need heavy quilting for longevity, and the grid pattern nicely sets off the improv triangle, I think. There are a couple of wobbly sections in the lines, which do annoy me a little, however once it’s in use,they shouldn’t be too noticeable.

I had hoped to make it somewhat reversible, but the back didn’t quite line up as neatly as I had hoped. Possibly my piecing on the back wasn’t as accurate as it could have been, or it shifted during basting, or a bit of both. Despite this, however, I do still quite like how the back has come together, even if the quilting does make me twitch a bit. Looking at the bottom, it appears I didn’t baste my edges quite as firmly as I should have!

Overall though, I am rather happy with the quilt, despite my nitpicks. It’s always fun to see a project come together almost exactly how you imagined it. And maybe now, Mr Barefoot will stop asking why we call it quilt camp when we don’t actually make quilts.

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