leaving, on a jet plane…

… don’t know when I’ll be back again!

With the Bear beside me, I rummage through the fabric box, searching for the remnants I know are hiding in there. “Are we going to make an aeroplane teddy bear, mummy? A green one? Because green’s my favourite!”, says the excited little voice beside me, as one scrap of fabric, and then another, appear on the desk above my head, along with a small square of batting. He stands beside me, stretched up on tippy-toes, as we cutthe pieces we need. Four body. Four wing. Two tail. I sit at the machine, and he eagerly clambers into my lap, ready to help. The wings rapidly take sh, and with just a small amount of top-stitching, assume the appropriate level of sticky-outie-ness. The tail follows, and we begin piecing the body. Turned inside out, stuffed, a quick topstitch to close, and one little boy is very happy with his new teddy bear.

Ever since our Europe trip, Bear is fascinated by aeroplanes. So with Bubba Boy & Butterfly sleeping, rest time became sewing-with-mummy-time, and what a success it was.

Today, Bear is at preschool. Bubba Boy & Butterfly are asleep. I have two or three sewing projects on the go. A blog post or three to catch up on. A mini-book to finish. Some Christmas Windows-XP-shopping to do. Some crochet-mojo tickling my creative juices and some cute patterns firing my inspiration. The busier I am, the more I seem to get done. And the less time I waste on the internet *blush*. We started out with a big whack from the Monday stick, but we are back on track and ready to whack Monday back. My mind is busy and my fingers are itchy. Let’s rock this Monday!

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