LWDvsAJ dress challenge update.

I was super excited about this dress. I loved the pattern, and I loved the fabrics. I am currently up to the point of first fitting, which looks a little like this:


And guess what? Despite my best attempts at true measurements, and allowing for the stretch of the knit, I was beyond bummed to try it on, and find it was far too small – the back midriff goes nowhere close to meeting up, let alone overlapping 5/8″ to allow for the zip. I need at least 1.5″ inches extra… which is the entirety of the side seams (which I had stitched at 6/8″ rather than the full 1″ allowed in the pattern).

Even the photo shows how little regard I now hold for this project. I’d allowed extra room for my bump, without thinking to factor in a change in the midriff. Let’s just say, lots of naughty words were uttered when I first tried this on.

So I’ve packed it all up and shoved it in my studio. I’ll put the dress aside, and pull it out next winter and refit it once I am bump-free. Frustration, thy name is dress fitting.

We’ve been taking it pretty easy the last couple of days. Boy2 and Butterfly have demolished the recycling pile, and we’ve made computers and boats and birds and cargo ships. We’ve painted. We’ve read and explored and played and had a lovely old time of hiding from the very chilly winter that is knocking on the door. Today is more of the same, with some sewing projects needing my attention. So of course it’s the perfect time to add another one or two to the list, isn’t it? I also have a new book from this morning’s library trip I’m eager to get stuck into. Maybe as a reward for ticking off some of my housey jobs. Tick tock tick tock, nap time’s running out. One more day until the weekend, time to get productive.

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