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…me made may 2021…

…me made may 2021…

The last few years I’ve watched #MeMadeMay unfold on instagram with interest. I loved the concept, but simply didn’t have enough homemade garments to attempt it. Last year for Mother’s Day, though, I was gifted a new overlocker (and by gifted I mean I ordered it and shipped it to my husbands office and texted him to tell him what “he’d” bought me), and my garment sewing obsession was born.

This year, with a growing collection of clothing either sewn or knitted by me, I’m diving head first into Me Made May. I’m not being super strict – as long as I wear SOMETHING me made, I will call the day a win. Some days that might be just a pair of socks, or a skirt. I’m also able to recognise the limits of my collection and also my patience for wearing a limited number of items for a whole month, so I’ve included a personal fall-back plan: the days I don’t have anything me made to wear, I will sew or knit or otherwise work on expanding my me made collection for at least half an hour.

So, what’s in rotation this month?
*Gingerbread Sweater
*Thurlow shorts
*Sage Bush Top
*Cropped hoodie
*Verity Hope smock pinafore x2 – green seersucker & grey linen
*Plantain tee in white
*vintage coat dress
*2x pairs of knitted socks
*Serenity lace scarf
*Avery leggings in superhero red

And on my to make list:
*echo beach socks – in progress
*Golden Wheat cardy – in progress
*boxer shorts/loungewear – cut to be sewn
*another pinnie
*another couple of plantain tees
*black avery leggings
*echino scarf
*a line skirt
*corduroy overalls dress

After three days, I’ve managed no less than 6 different outfits involving a me made item, thanks to town mornings and home afternoons. Many of the items I still need to blog (as you can see from the number of missing links above), but I’m hoping to fill in those gaps over the month as I wear them, if I can press the teen into service as my photographer. I’m super excited to wear a heap of me made this month, and to have a super productive month as I DIVE into building my handmade collection.

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