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…me made may 2022…

…me made may 2022…

A pinch & a punch for the first of the month…and not only is it a new month, but that month is May. Which means its time for Me Made May! I participated for the first time last year, and it was such a watershed moment in my me made adventures, that I can’t wait to do it again.

It’s such a fun way to hone my capsule wardrobe, and spot where there are gaps. This in turn informs my future makes, so I am making things that will be worn and used regularly, not just making stuff for the sake of making stuff. I was super productive last year, but don’t expect to make a whole lot this year. Maybe a couple of things as I need them, but definitely not the same output as last year.

A year on though, I have sewn more, knitted more, learned more. My wardrobe is probably 80% me made at this point? My goal for this year: to be as exclusively me-made as possible. Obviously I can’t aim for 100%, but I will be happy if the majority is my own makes. I am allowing myself exceptions for:
*my favourite RTW 3/4 leggings
*denim jacket, wind cheater, down jacket
*basic layering tanks (I love the Just Jeans tanks and at 2 for $20 it hasn’t been worth my effort to try & duplicate)
*socks, stockings & tights
*one specific bra that I haven’t yet managed to duplicate

Aside from those exceptions, I’m aiming for everything else handmade. Knickers, bras, swimwear & jammies included! I’m looking forward to the month ahead and seeing what items from last year make the rotation again this year. I already know of one alteration I want to do, and a couple of items to add, plus a knitted cardy in progress I want to finish. But even without those, I think I have enough to make it through. We’ll see. I’ll be documenting daily on my instagram stories, and also hope to share a weekly round up post with links here on the blog. 31 days, 31 me made outfits. Let’s do this!

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