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…me made may week four & wrap…

…me made may week four & wrap…

It’s funny how quickly something becomes a habit. I got up yesterday, and slipped on a me-made hoodie, to wear with the me-made leggings I’d worn to bed. Once my chores were done and it was time to get going for the day and get dressed, I thought how nice it was to have a full run of my wardrobe again – and promptly chose me-made items anyway. May is done, and with it, #memadeMay is over for 2021. I have had such a fun month wearing handmade and industriously sewing away to expand my me-made wardrobe. It’s almost second nature now to chose something me-made, but equally, I pick me-made without thinking about it now. That tells me that the month was an excellent way to hone my collection to pieces that I love and reach for over and over again.

So, here it is – my final Me Made May wrap for 2021!
DAY TWENTY TWO: Navy plantain tee & voile boxers (+ swapped the boxers for Thurlow shorts when I had to go to hockey)
DAY TWENTY THREE: Life sew savory hoodie
DAY TWENTY FOUR: White plantain tee & Thurlow shorts
DAY TWENTY FIVE: Gingerbread sweater
DAY TWENTY SIX: Navy plantain tee & life sew savory hoodie
DAY TWENTY SEVEN: Black plantain tee + corduroy pinnie made from a vintage McCalls pattern
DAY TWENTY EIGHT: White plantain tee & Harper shorts
DAY TWENTY NINE: Saturday standard of voile boxers & plantain tee
DAY THIRTY: White plantain tee + Annie a-line skirt
DAY THIRTY ONE: Avery leggings & cropped hoodie

In the final week, I added a pinafore, a skirt and a pair of leggings to the collection. I know by this point, it’s lots of the same combos over and over, but I’m a stay at home mum, I don’t need a huge variety. Boring for instagram, sure, but practical for mum life in a tiny house with limited storage.

Coming out of the challenge, I’ve found it really interesting to see how clear my me made wardrobe has become an effective, almost completely stand alone, capsule wardrobe. A mix of basics, with a couple of fun statement peices. Mainly neutrals, or semi-neutrals, but a couple of pops of colour. For the most part, all the tops can be mixed with all the bottoms. I could easily take my me made items, add a pair of jeans, a couple of jackets, and boom. Capsule done. So…what next?

Next is looking towards winter. I want to make a couple more pairs of leggings for layering under skirts. There’s a cardy on the needles I’m hoping to finish this week. I want to make some pjs and a couple more plantain tees. Yesterday I found some plum corduroy I want to make another dress with. Theres a blouse pattern I found I can’t get out of my head. The idea of a trench coat is tickling me as well. Me Made May might be done, but my obsession with garment sewing continues apace. I can’t wait to pad out my winter wardrobe over the next month or so, and then begin work on some spring peices ahead of the warmer weather. Unique & well fitted clothes is my new favourite thing.

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