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me made may week one

me made may week one

It’s interesting to me, how my relationship with and feelings towards, my me made garments changes each year. The corduroy pinafore of day one, for instance, I loved the year I made it. Hated it last year and didn’t wear it at all. Love it again this year and wore it multiple times even before the start of the month and am considering making another with a slightly different silhouette. Similarly, the green smock on day four, I’ve never really liked and it’s an emergency house dress, until this year when suddenly I don’t mind it and even wore it to town.

What I wore in week one:

Day one // plantain tee in deadstock jersey from Pitt Trading + pinafore from vintage McCalls pattern in destash corduroy.

Day two // Gingerbread jumper knitted in now-destocked KPC novomerino yarn from Say! Little Hen (paired with Super Cool Kmart skinny jeans!)

Day three // Hudson pants by True Bias in fleece remnant from Pitt Trading + plantain tee in cotton jersey remnant from Pitt + self drafted batwing jumper in fleece from a bag of hand me down fabric

Day four // Verity Hope smock** hacked down to size + Avery leggings by Helen’s Closet in black spandex from Remnant Warehouse.

Day five // plantain tee in poly jersey remnant + Ida Blouse by iKatee in lawn remnant + self drafted skirt in linen from spotlight + Avery leggings (jacket was gifted circa 2010 as a hand me up from our niece)

Day six // Avery leggings + “vintage” Canterbury jumper circa 1999

I didn’t get a photo of yesterday outfit, which was basically a repeat of day three.

My favourite moment of this week was wearing my less-than-favourite green smock to town, and having the lady at the fruit shop tell me she has “that exact dress!” – a welcome comment since one of my gripes against it is I feel it looks too homemade. She then went on to tell me she was now inspired to style hers for winter having seen me, she had never considered doing that before. Made my day it did!

This week feels a bit more back to routine, so I’m hoping to find time to do some sewing and fill a couple of the gaps in my collection!

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