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…me made may week one…

…me made may week one…

One week in, and I’m loving the challenge of working in a me made item into my outfit every day! It’s also been helpful to point out where there are gaps in my current collection and what I need to work on next.

My week one wears:
DAY ONE: Plantain Tee (Deer & Doe Patterns) in cotton jersey from Pitt Trading, also Verity Hope smock pinafore in a Spotlight cotton voile for an afternoon outing
DAY TWO: Coat-dress from my nan’s vintage pattern (I do need to adjust the button positions!) in the morning, and in the afternoon, a cropped hoodie hacked from a Life Sew Savory pattern
DAY THREE: Gingerbread Sweater (Truly Myrtle Designs) in 8ply novomerino from Say Little Hen
DAY FOUR: Verity Hope smock pinafore in sage crinkle cotton
DAY FIVE: Gingerbread Sweater & Avery leggings
DAY SIX: Sage Brush Top (The Friday Pattern Company) in Spotlight gingham
DAY SEVEN: the voile pinafore again, the plantain tee, and Serenity Lace Button Scarf

It’s also been a week of progress! I’m almost at the the waist shaping of the Golden Harvest cardigan. I spent mothers day morning sewing another plantain tee, and Tuesday afternoon I finished a pair of boxer shorts for lounge wear. I also managed to draft a pattern for a skirt I want to make from a remnant I picked up from a friend’s destash. This week I hope to add a pair of leggings to the rotation, a skirt or two, and a scarf. If I could finish my cardigan, that would also be good! I’m looking forward to week two, and a whole lot more handmade clothing adventures!

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