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…me made may week two(&three)…

…me made may week two(&three)…

My plans for weekly MMM updates has rather gone off the rails, hasn’t it? Life hit us rather spectacularly in multiple directions, so the last couple of weeks has been all about doubling down and sticking to the minimum of what we need to do to get us through the week. I’ve managed to wear hand made every day, though, and made good progress on adding to my wardrobe as well.

The last fortnight:

DAY EIGHT: a repeat of my cropped hoodie again
DAY NINE: a nice easy one for Mother’s Day – the Plantain Tee in a jersey remnant I picked up last week in the Pitt Trading Friday night drop, and a pair of boxer shorts made from the leftover voile from my smock pinafore, with hand dyed lace & elastic.
DAY TEN: Sagebrush Top over a plantain tee
DAY ELEVEN: Gingerbread sweater teamed with Harper shorts
DAY TWELVE: navy Plantain tee & a linen skirt I whipped up with no pattern
DAY THIRTEEN: white plantain tee, verity hope pinafore & avery leggings
DAY FOURTEEN: black plantain tee (are you seeing a trend here yet??) and the day12 linen skirt
DAY FIFTEEN: gingerbread sweater & jeans
DAY SIXTEEN: Sagebrush top & linen skirt
DAY SEVENTEEN: black plantain tee teamed with a RTW skirt, vintage coat dress, serenity lace button scarf, and charcoal taffeta clutch made with no pattern (can you see a “winging it” theme emerging?)
DAY EIGHTEEN: white plantain tee & cropped hoodie
DAY NINETEEN: sagebrush top teamed with RTW jeans
DAY TWENTY: navy plantain tee & linen skirt
DAY TWENTY-ONE: verity hope pinafore & hand printed tote

Despite my lack of blogging, I have also been rather productive behind the scenes. This fortnight has seen two new tshirts, a hoodie and a skirt added to the rotation. I’ve finally had a crack at lingerie sewing with quite good success. I’ve also made excellent headway on a cardi with one sleeve due to be finished today. On the list for this week – a pair of leggings, a skirt, an overall pinafore, and an infinity scarf. One week to go and I plan to finish strong!

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