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me made what?

me made what?

For the past four years, I’ve participated in Me Made May. A month dedicated to the wearing and making of handmade garments, it’s been a mainstay of my crafting and blogging calendar during the pandemic and tiny house life; a little sliver of connection and some desperately needed scaffolding when the rest of the everything felt far outside my control. It came as a bit of a shock, then, to come to Friday night, and panickedly drop into the chat. “Holy guacamole, I forgot about Me Made May”. My confession was met with a disbelief that mirrored my own.

Maybe it’s a bit like walking from one room to another, then immediately forgetting why you came in. The generally accepted explanation is that the doorway acts as a reset, and without the visual cues connected with the initial thought, your brain is lost in space. Maybe my brain has Me Made May anchored as a cabin project, and having walked through the door to a new space, it’s completely fritzed out.

Maybe it’s also part of the ebbs and flows I’m learning to accept as part of my creative process. After four years of sewing myself silly, and wearing mainly handmade, this year I’ve started buying clothes again. Some of the items I wasn’t sure how they would look, so I wanted something I could try on, rather than spend time and money sewing up my own. Some were just “oooo I like that”, and so I bought it, rather than add it to my ever growing list. Some of my early makes I’ve worn so much they are now home clothes, and I don’t have the fabric in stash to replace them…except then I buy something instead and it doesn’t fit quite right (looking at you, cotton on tee that looked so cute on the hanger); and then I’m inspired all over again to pull out my machine to get back into making.

Aside from the first couple of days, I have managed to wear something me-made every day. Even outside of May, I often find myself reaching for my me-made items; maybe that’s why the May challenge no longer resonates like it once did? Is it really a challenge if it’s something I’m doing anyway?

I decided to dive in a couple of days late, and participate anyway. It’s a good project to see what I’m reaching for most, and where the gaps in my wardrobe are. There’s been something every day that I’ve added to my mental list to make or fix or replace. Possibly the best part of the project? I have a bedroom to snap my photo in, and don’t need to check if the kitchen is clean and the table is packed away and is the pile of craft crap on the ottoman out of sight or at least neat, with the added bonus the mirror isn’t right next to the fire place and no longer needs cleaning every single day.

3rd-7th May: “ugh stupid jumper this fit sucks, I really should blog about it or maybe pretend I never knitted it, definitely not a town option so what instead; still love this dress, do need to order some new stockings though. This t-shirt isn’t great but at least the dress hides the lumps & bumps…oh gosh I forgot I need to fix that section of my blouse, oh well, its cold and my parka will hide it…love this jumper, oh crap is that a pulled thread? Better fix that this afternoon…gosh I hate photos in leggings, surely there has to be an easier way to do this…why is it all my favourite tee’s get a hole in them, I wonder if I could get more of this fabric, good enough for home anyway, can’t be daggier than the old jeans I guess…”

At the end of week one, I really need to add more tees/basics to my collection, and some new town outfits as well. Back in October, I shared a list of stash sewing I wanted to do, but life and moving and kids put the clangers on my sewjo; all of these items are still high on my want list, especially the dress and skirt. I even found this lovely wool that would be super cute, though after a poke through Pinterest last night I’m also tempted to use it for this skirt instead.

One of my key lessons in tiny house life that let me be super productive when I was in full garment sewing mode, was batching. Prep all the patterns in one go. Cut all the fabric in another. So I’m going to try that this week. My plan for this week: pull fabrics and patterns – my focus will be a white plantain tee, a Coco funnel neck in grey polkadot + maybe a texture grey boat neck tee, and a green jersey that I want to try and hack the plantain into a henley style tee. I also want to check my destash box for some wool coating that I might try and make a skirt from. I also want to rearrange my table to get my sewing machines out to make it quicker and easier to sneak in some bonus sewing.

The machines will be today’s task, but first I need to make some stickers so I can pack the cricut away. I have a few admin jobs ahead of a big afternoon of committee meetings and volunteer shifts. The small folk were supposed to be going to my parents for the night, but we’ve had to postpone, so it’s mum duty all the way through. In between schooling and the seemingly never ending housework and that admin, I want to also go container diving for my dye pot. I do need to come up with a mother’s day present for my mum, and make a card for a friend. There’s also a substack post to finish and a podcast idea I want to play with. My mind is buzzing so first order of business will be a coffee and a brain dump. Happy Wednesday friends, what are you making today?

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