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…morning stitches – February update…

…morning stitches – February update…

Despite my good intentions each year, my daily projects often fall by the wayside within a few weeks. This year, however, my morning stitches project is still going strong! This project has been so fun! There have been a minor couple of hiccups – namely, the first two weeks of the year none of my apps offered up min/max data, so I had to manually seek that information. Then for a day or two after, the data would change. Generally only by a few points of a degree, but when the degree was on the cusp of a colour change, it made some days inaccurate. This, however, didn’t bother me enough to unpick and start again. Mostly.

It is definitely starting to show the temperature trends! It’s lots of fun to look back over the past couple of months and see the hot spots, and the early autumn cooling, with cooler nbights, and a few sub-30-degree days. I will confess, I am not loving how defined the curve of the front edge has become, so this week, as I work from the bottom left to the top right, I am trying to be much more careful about my placement, and have created a few chunky days, and am slimming down as I approach the centre, before gong back out again to create a straighter diagonal, or at least a much gentler curve on that front edge.

{excuse the fabric looking hot pink! I was wearing a pink top when I took the photo, opposite the window I was using for light, and ended up with a whole lot of reflected colour!}

As we move into March, I have also adjusted the ratio of max stitches to min stitches – I mentioned in my original post, how very badly I had over thought this project, and would be adjust the stitch ratio to reflect the changing length of the day. For March and April, I will be doing 7 stitches of the maximum, and 5 of the minimum. I did muck up the first couple of days and forgot that plan, but again, wasn’t bothered enough to unpick!

I am starting to think about the point I mark off the bottom corner in order to start working along the bottom edge of this project. I am thinking the end of April, if I end up choosing a rectangle finish, or otherwise the end of June will make the turning point to create a square. Whilst that is still a fair way off, this year is going crazy fast already so I’m trying to be prepared in my mind so I don’t end up overshooting the mark.

Today has been a pretty low key day, after a massive day of outings and playdates yesterday – we were on the go from 8.30 until 5.30! So we’ve dialled the crazy all the way down today. We went for a drive as part of our current homeschool nature study project. We did morning circle. The three little kids decided lesson plans are for suckers, and instead wanted Mr10 to teach them about dinosaurs, so I got to sit and read in the school room while I listened to them at their lessons, and Mr12 worked on a cipher mystery challenge for them. Our newest KiwiCrate* has arrived so we’ve spent a lovely afternoon on the back deck working through that and reading the zine. I snuck in some ninja crafting and that cheeky reading session saw my book finished, so I started on my journaling for my day in the life spreads while Mr10 did some reading work. Slow school. Reading. Crafting all round. Just the way we like our days to roll.

(*cheeky little affiliate link – my folks gave the kids a 3 month subscription to Tinker Crate and Kiwi Crate for Christmas, and we loved them so much I just flicked the sub over onto my card instead of mum’s come renewal time. As always, I only link and recommend things I have used and love, and the small income I make from your use of the link doesn’t cost you a cent.)

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      Such a great daily embroidery project! I somehow missed your first post talking about this, but it seems so much more doable, and easier to store than a 365 temperature blanket or scarf. I agree about slow homeschooling days, but often feel rushed on days we have enrichment, or extra-curriculars. Going back to check previous posts now!

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        Yep, I knew I couldn’t keep up with a blanket, or even a scarf. Bonus points for this one for being portable for the whole length of the project!

        It is easy to get sucked into to doing all the extras, isn’t it? I do try and balance it out a bit. Days out are nice, but so too are slow days.

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      Ooh it is looking lovely!

      hey remember that time I decided to play along with your daily stitches and then forgot. Yeah. That.

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