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my type of bag

my type of bag

Full of both a finished projects, and it’s off casts, my maker tote has been staring at me for weeks. It needing sorting, emptying, and a new home found for it. Every time I thought about it though, I ended up finding something else to catch my attention, and boring things like reorganising a project bag fell by the wayside.

Last weekend, though, I found myself with a couple of days with multiple sick children. My parenting duties were reduced to staying close for when they needed me, keeping the diffuser and the drink bottles topped up, and not a lot else. I also had an itch to cast on some knitting – I’d planned on some socks with the shawl leftovers and the mojo was calling. Summer sports are in full swing, and socks are the perfect sideline project.

The only flaw? I have not a single project bag suitable. Oh dear what a shame I would need to sew something.

Being a pouch that would go in my big mummy tote, I knew straight away I wanted to use the remaining colour way of Ruby Star Society’s typewriter fabric. Colourways one and two were used for my iPad and laptop sleeves, so it was a no-brainer to complete the set. A quick scroll of Pinterest, and I decided the Esme Project Bag would suit my needs perfectly. It was cute with a bit of interest, simple enough it would be a quick sew, and I loved the ability to fold down the top for a stand up bag.

Because this is me we’re talking about, I had to add some customisations. The obvious, of course, was the denim base. Partly because denim+linen is my favourite fave combo, partly because I know this pouch will be out and about and sitting on goodness knows what kind of benches, and the denim would be more hard wearing. I also added a D-ring on a webbing loop on the inside, to thread my yarn through to keep it all neat and tidy. Then I loved the webbing so much, I added a wrist strap of the same webbing to the exterior side seam.

For the lining I wanted something light to make it easy to find various bits and pieces in the deepest corners. After testing a couple of white-on-white prints from my stash, I settled on calico, in the end. The tactile vibe of the exterior meant the rustic feel of the calico was a good match. I didn’t have a zipper of the right length in stash, and the only zip of the right colour was an open ended one. I decided to roll with it anyway, and I think it works. Related – do anyone have a good source for continuous zipper?

If there was one customisation I wish I’d have made, it would be to add separator seams to the interior pockets. And possibly a small exterior pocket. Chances are though, I am massively overthinking it. Overall, I am super excited to work with this pouch at touch. And hockey. And scouts. And athletics…

I’ve spent today playing with my influx of new toys, having burnt through the last of my birthday money. That yarn in the pouch has now been neatly caked with my new ball winder, as has the leftover Onion nettle yarn, and stacked into the pouch ready to cast on. Now…to just pick a pattern. If you have a cute, lacy, toe-up sock you love, help a girl out and drop a link in the comments?

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      This is a really cute bag! Like you, I like the fact that the top can be folded down for a stand-up bag. Your little additions to it – the D-ring and strap – make it perfect for your needs. Thanks for sharing. I may be looking for the pattern myself!

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        I’m two days into my new knitting project and while I haven’t left the house with my bag, I’m loving it already! It was a quick sew, and the pattern was easy to follow. Definitely worth checking out next time you’ve got the bag making itch!

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