nappy pouch.

We are soon travelling, and with two small children, that means a large bag of nappies, clothes, toys, snacks, drinks,and assorted toddler paraphernalia that two small children seem to require. Frustration tends to be the order of the day come change time, as it means hauling large bag out, sifting through to find the nappies that have invariably drifted to the bottom, change child, rearrange bag so it closes, load child and bag back in car.

To make life easier, I whipped up a little pouch to hold one or two nappies, some wipes and a couple of nappy sacks. And the ever-important hand sanitiser gel.

The top of the bag comes from a pair of jeans that needed taking up. Purchased when pregnant with Bear four years ago, they are my pregnancy staple. But being a bit long, and given my propensity to walking everywhere, the cuffs were worn, frayed and plain old daggy. So out came the scissors and up went the jeans. Unfortunately, we recently cleared out a lot of excess “stuff” from my studio, and it appears the pedal for my overlocker has been put somewhere “safe” – take my word for it, overlocking two legs of wide jeans using the advance wheel, not so good for your wrist!

I had intended on French-seaming the sides, as the bag isn’t lined, but the bulk was too much, between the two layers of denim (and more up the top with the “hems”), plus the two layers of rubber-backed curtain fabric I used for the foundation, so I simply stitched right-sides-together and added a basic grosgrain ribbon binding.

Today was supposed to see the quilting of one HST quilt done, and the other started. My deadline for quilting + binding attached is this weekend. However, a certain small toddler has decided that sleep is over-rated. I had time for lunch and getting two small triangles quilted before he woke, and now he’s refusing to sleep. Of course. So it seems a change of plan is in order. A cubby house. Some Lego and trains. Plenty of books. Maybe some baking since it appears someone has inhaled the chocolate we baked only yesterday. A hot coffee while watching the rain fall. Best laid plans of mice and men be darned, these boys and I shall find some fun!

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