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needlework essentials 3.0 :: scissor keeper

needlework essentials 3.0 :: scissor keeper

Tangential crafting, I think is the best way to describe my projects for projects – the bits and bobs I make to work in with other projects. When it comes to magicking the thinnest excuse for a related project, something connected to whatever my big project is but is really just a cover for more making, there’s often a limited pool of projects to pull from. A bag is the easy one, no matter what the project. When it comes to needlework, there’s a few things I normally make as standard. It was rather exciting, this time around to have something new to add to my rotation.

Scissor keepers.

Joy shared them in our temperature stitches group chat, and I knew straight away I needed one. My snips that I like to use for needlework originally were a quilt camp gift, and came with a cover, but it has long since disappeared, eaten by the goblins that live under my craft desk. The tips are sharp and I was a bit worried how I was going to keep my work safe with the snips just floating around in my pouch. As soon as I saw Joy share her makes, the scissor keeper shot straight to the top of the list.

I decided to keep my fabric choices limited to the Sunprint range of my pouch, but pulled a grey for the outer, and a white for the liner, to avoid favouring any one colour too heavily. Using the tutorial linked in the group, it came together really quickly.

In hindsight, I could have gone with fusible batting, or even interfacing, instead of the scrap of quilt batting that I used. It is delightfully squishy and cozy though, so I’m not too sad that it’s a little bit extra. I skipped the step of adding a snap closure, and instead just tuck the flap inside the case. Possibly not the fanciest solution, it is quick and easy, and having used a hand held snap tool for another of my needlework add-ons, I wasn’t thrilled with the result (the snap doesn’t actual snap anymore. Already), so the tuck-and-close method works well for me.

My scissors are safe, my project is safe. Best of all, my fingers are safe as I fish around in the bag for things, because if there is someone who can cut themselves and bleed all over their project without realising, that someone is me. The scissor keeper’s true job? Saving me from my uncoordinated self!

For a quick project, it’s such a handy little addition to my pouch, I’m already considering more!

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