nice try.

Like the toyroom, the boy’s bedroom can be a bit of disaster area. Despite having a perfectly adequate area to play, they love to drag their toys into their bedroom to play. And leave them there. They love to read a book before bed. Which falls to the floor, and gets left there. Drawers get emptied in search of the perfect top (seriously, boys, you are not teenage girls. Just pick a darn t-shirt), the discarded clothes on the ground. And left there. And of course, jammies, that get taken off upstairs next to the heater, when asked to be taken back and PUT ON YOUR BED PLEASE BOYS, get chucked on the ground, generally just far enough inside the door to say they are in the bedroom. And left there.


So, I thought, I ‘ll make some jammie bags. We’ll pop them on the end of their beds, and at least their jammies have somewhere to live. No excuses, right? Yeah. Well. Guess what now lives on the floor NEXT to the pyjamas it was supposed to storing?



It’s Friday, and of course we are crazy busy trying to get organised for the weekend. I’m hoping to do some quilting this weekend, Boy2 wants an extra quilt for his bed, and the weather is FREEZING at the minute, so that’s top of the list. I might try and scam half hour in the sun with my ripple blanket I’m slowly hooking through. And I want to style a shoot and blog some photos of my very exciting new fabric collection!! I can not WAIT to show you this, it’s been a fun project, and a wonderful collaboration, so hopefully Monday on that one. I want to write, Lauren & Paul’s story is hovering at the edge of my mind, so I might try and squeeze that in too somewhere. A spot of entertaining, some games and quality time with the smalls, and all too soon it will be Monday again! But let’s not wish it away, it’s Friday, two whole days lay before us, and to make them count, I need to make today count. Computer is closing in three, two, one….

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