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…oh starry night…

…oh starry night…

Two Christmases ago, I started cross stitching vignettes from Deck The Halls by Satsuma Street. Vignette one saw me through bushfires and packing and moving. Vignette two saw me through the first pandemic lockdown/stay at home orders. Vignette three was a 2021 school table stitching, when I was at a loss for a project. Vignettes four and five have since been cancelled, because I did what I constantly tell my children not to do….

I started in the middle.

My original plan was to mount each vignette in a hoop and hang with a ribbon. That worked fine for the first one, but unfortunately but the time I did the second and third, I had run out of space to trim them to the right size to fit to a 6″ hoop, and a 5″ hoop is too small to fit the designs.

They are super cute though, so I am working on a backup plan. I also will need to leave it at three, because the section of fabric left up the top is too narrow to fit the fourth and fifth vignettes. That’s a problem for next Christmas though, when we have an actual house and somewhere to hang them, and I can make a plan that suits the space I want to put them in.

There was zero crafting yesterday, as it was party central! We had a day out at the dam with our homeschool group – our first catch up in five months!! Back to town to collect the teen from work, and groceries and all the adulting errands that need doing, then home with just enough time to fancily myself before heading out for our annual bible study dinner. Today, being Friday, should be recording day for the podcast, but we are on hiatus…so we zoomed anyway and arted. I made a good start on catching up on my December Daily art journal, and now we are home from town and have all our chores done, I’m planning on a few more while the kids jump in the pool. Apparently the bookworms require a trip to the library so we might do that, giving me a chance to grab fabric to finish the Christmas outfits ready for carols at church on Sunday night. A week until Christmas Eve and I am all in on this festive season business, and loving every minute of it – even the ridiculous lines at BigW this morning!

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