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The hours I spend sitting and feeding my tiny 11-day-old daughter are some of the most special. With two small boys playing at my feet, or bringing stories to read, or happily playing in the toy room, the hours pass in a haze of bonding and adoration. Who cuddles Butterfly next. Who picks the story. What game to play.

The practical side of extended hours of feeding involves, for me at least, the collection and storage of various bits of baby “stuff”. Nursing pads. Lansinoh. A cloth nappy for wiping possets. Small wipes and a spare nappy or two for emergency changes in the night. Hand santiser post-emergency-change. Large water bottle.

Within days of her birth, the “stuff” accumulating on the window sill behind my favourite feeding chair was driving me bonkers. So with husband still home, and enjoying every minute of hanging with his two small companions, I secluded myself in the studio.

One piece of curtain fabric and half an hour or so of sewing, and I had a little fabric box to keep my bits and bobs in order. I used the same fabric as the curtain tie-backs, so the box doesn’t look *too* far out of place.



Today is more “finding of the feet”. Maybe five or ten stolen minutes in the sewing room as a softie nears completion. Colouring. Lego. Stories. I think I’m getting the hang of this three children business. Maybe. Ask me again next week.

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