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The last 18 months have had a huge impact on how I see, plan, start & work on projects. Between tiny house life and the pandemic, I’ve swung well in favour of actually finishing projects, and only having a couple on the go at any one time. But in the last few weeks, I’ve come to the realisation that 2020 & 2021 have broken me even more than I realised. You see, when it comes to cross-stitch, borders are firmly my least favourite thing. I very much do not enjoy them, and avoid doing them for as long as possible. And yet, here I am, three blocks and four corners behind on my Wizard of Oz stitch along, because I’ve spent my evenings over the last couple of weeks chipping away at the borders. Who even am I?

I hate to say it, but with 90% of the interior of the borders done, it is actually making my life so much easier, and I’m picking up errors before they become a drama. There may actually be something in this “do the borders first” bizo? I don’t know, it seems crazy to me. I’m not committed enough to do the outside of thee borders, though, that part I’m ignoring for now and moving back to some block stitching which is much more interesting. Doing all the border interiors also means that it doesn’t look like I’m making the progress I would expect for the time I’ve been spending on it, so working on the blocks should re-motivate me to keep going once I can see progress again.

It’s Wednesday, and the downhill run to the weekend. Tonight & tomorrow morning are looking to be wet, so I’m thinking I mind boot the kids out for some extra play time while the sun is out, and get stuck into cutting out the rest of the pieces from my lingerie kit. I’ll keep pottering on my stitching at the school table, and see if I can get my current colour finished. In between all that I’ll be playing with the puppy and trying to stop the kitten taunting him, and running the teen back and forth for work, and then tonight we’ll all head off for soup kitchen duty…I don’t know how I ever thought I was busy when I had children who could nap!! This parenting of teens business is not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure. 

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