So I started the quilt-in-a-day challenge. And given the various demands on my time, I got a fair way in. But then, the quilt sat, and sat and sat. And finally over the weekend, I got the binding attached to not only that mugrug I’ve been blathering on about for weeks, but also the star quilt. Perfect timing now the nights are getting cold, stitching it down will be a pleasant way to snuggle under a quilt while watching a bit of telly. I must admit, the stitching of binding is probably my least favourite part of quilt making. Though on the upside, today is Tuesday, so a bit of Big Bang Theory while stitching sounds like a pleasant way to pass the evening. It also means, aside from my swoon blocks which I have packed away for now, the decks are reasonably clear, freeing up the machine for small people who are keen to get their share of quilting time!


One small person is in bed, one at preschool, one at big school. With 2 hours until pickup, I’m rapidly running out of time to get much done. The girl and I have been out at a friend’s place this morning, and now she’s in bed, I’m thinking some lunch, a spot of housework and then if I can manage it before she wakes, a bit of down time in the sun. Maybe with those quilts, maybe some knitting, possibly some painting. I was quite excited to get notification that my fabric has shipped, so now I just need to wait so I can sew and prep charm packs for the shop. I also received a delivery of handmade paper from the States yesterday, and it is even more delightful than I expected, so I’m keen to order the remaining supplies and get stuck into some journal binding. I think my to-do list is conspiring with the housework to keep me away from my studio, both are growing exponentially. Time to knock them on the head. Mojo, oh, mojo, wherefore art thou?

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